Common Undead

Common Undead

The people of Evans City have been infected by an unknown, mysterious plague. Thousands are dying by the hour and the weeks long quarantine by the military to contain it has broken down into chaos completely.

These common undead are the recently dead, reanimated and roaming the city, murdering anyone in their path and feasting on their flesh.

Acting on pure instinct, they seem to lack any intelligent thought and can't be reasoned with. The rate of decay has slowed down or stopped completely shortly after reanimation. They are able to take more punishment than a normal living person could ever take. The only way to destroy them is to completely destroy the brain or completely bodily dismember them.

These are the weakest but most common of the undead.


Common Undead is a type of zombie in Road of The Dead and Road of The Dead 2. Common Undead is the weakest type of zombie in ROTD and ROTD2. Common Undead are seen roaming Evans City streets in countless numbers. These zombies have lowest health of all zombies and they are weakest zombies. Best weapons against them are shotguns which can blow their head off with one shot.


  1. Headshots are the most effective method of killing. The head must be completely destroyed, so several shots are usuall required.
  2. Can be gibbed by shooting areas besides the head with enough shots and with powerful weapons.
  3. All zombie types will try to cling onto your vehicle's hood, the faster you are going the less likely they will succeed and instead be destroyed by your bumper. The alpha mutants and normal mutants cling on to your hood no matter how hard you hit them.
  4. Once on your hood, you have a limited time to either kill or remove the zombie before it will kill you. Shooting its arms off will make it easier to knock it off, but it can still kill you. Blowing off its arms will reset its kill timer.
  5. Zombies will appear more often as you progress and will come from behind cars and buildings.
  6. Swerving into a rail or side walla few times can knock off a hood clinger without damaging your vehicle or wasting any ammo.